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Ontario Provincial Police Discuss Use of Vigilant LPR

Kirk Jeffery of the Ontario Provincial Police talks about the Vigilant LPR system used to identify plates associated with stolen vehicles, vehicle with expired registrations, and more. Protecting officers, families and communities.

Vigilant Solutions License Plate Recognition (LPR) - Pattern Crime Case Study of Stakeout feature

Vigilant Solutions' Stakeout feature in LEARN is a powerful analytic tool for analyzing locations of pattern or serial crimes, to identify possible suspects using license plate reader (LPR) detections.

Vigilant Mobile License Plate Recognition (LPR) Demo

Demo of a Vigilant License Plate Reader (LPR) for Dallas PD.

Sacramento County Sheriff's Dept. One-Day Sweep with Vigilant License Plate Recognition (LPR)

The Sacramento County Sheriff's Department conducts a one-day sweep using license plate readers and LPR data to scan 70,000 vehicles and identify over 400 vehicles of interest in only 6 hours. The sweep netted 25 vehicle recoveries, about the same number of arrests, a missing persons vehicle, a stolen tractor trailer, and more.

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